Benes, Edouard: A response to A. Briand’s speech

Edouard Benes, Czechoslovac Minister of Foreign Affairs, speaking at Prague describes his positive reaction to the Briand Plan:

I DO NOT hesitate to say that, impassioned Czechoslovac patriot that I am, and standing as I do for a concordance of the Slavonic nations, I am fervent advocate of Pan-European rapprochement and collaboration. The only issue for us today, is this, either we work to form a sort of new union between European States and nations, as much from the moral point of view as from the economic and political, and we establish the closest and most permanent collaboration possible, or else we shall always be living in danger of difficulties, conflicts, and perpetual crises, ending in wars and catastrophes in which European culture will be submerged.

[Cite par E.Herriot, op.cit.]


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