Lipgens, Walter: The Triumph of the Supranational Principle in the Resistance

68.- The quotation is from the Moltke memorandum ‘Point of departure, aims and tasks’, first printed (with biographical details about all members of the group, pp. 55-209) in the pioneering work of Ger van Roon, German Resistance to Hitler. Count Moltke and the Kreisau Circle, London, 1971, pp. 317-28; extracts from the ‘Ventotene Manifesto’ with details of its origin, authors, etc. in W. Lipgens, Europa-Föderationsplane deutscher und italienischer Widerstandsgruppen im II. Weltkreig (n. 61), esp. pp. 15-27.

69 Quotations from Vrij Nederland, Sept. 1943; and from the foundation resolution of the MFE, Milan, 28 August 1943, quoted in full in Lipgens, Föderationspläne, No. 103 and no. 10; cf. parallel passages shown in the Index there, under ‘Interventionsrecht in innere Angelegenheiten zur Verhinderung totalitarer Regime’.

70.- Quotation from Rollier in L’Unità Europea, No. 4, Milan, May 1944. For the important point in the programme (to which it was not possible to do full justice in this Introduction) concerning the internal decentralization of the existing national states, cf. the parallel passages indicated in the Index in Lipgens, op. cit., under the heading ‘Innerstaatlicher Föderalismus’.

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