Schuman, Robert: Memoirs pour l’ Europe

Memoirs: “Pour l’ Europe”

“The Europeans will be saved if they are aware of their solidarity in the face of a common danger … the current fears will be the immediate cause of European unification, but not its raison d’ etre Depending on the circumstances surrounding its creation, Europe will be more or less complete. Will it ever be complete? No-one can say. This is not a reason for delaying the effort to achieve unification. Action is better than resignation and the desire for perfection is a poor excuse for inaction.”

“Let this idea of a reconciled, united and strong Europe now be the watchword for the young generations who wish to serve a human race which has finally thrown off the bonds of hate and fear and which is learning once again, after seemingly endless rifts, what Christian brotherhood means.”

“In our minds, European policy is in no way at odds with the patriotic ideal we all share … the nation has a role to play vis-a-vis its own citizens, but also, and just as much, vis-¦-vis other nations. It cannot therefore retreat into the first of those roles.”

‘The unity of Europe will not be achieved solely or principally by European institutions; their establishment will be an intellectual journey … Europe cannot and must not remain an economic and technocratic undertaking. It must have a soul, awareness of its historical affinities and its present and future responsibilities and political determination in the service of a single human ideal.’

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